Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis

I choose this book because it looked very intresting. I also heard good reviews about this book. This book is about fantsy.

I think the theme of this book is about making desicions and to gain justice. The setting is in Narnia this is in the past. this is when they had sowrds and bows an arrows. If you stay in narnia for a day in the real world a whole week has gone by. Thi story is mostly about Prince Caspian gaining his his place as king. His uncle Miraz is the king and doing horrible things in narnia he is bringing humans and trying to kill all the talking animls. The characters in this book are Peter,Edmuend,Lucy,Susan,Aslan,and Prince Caspin. There is also a terafieing secret. So i really recamend tis book to all of you and overall this book is very good. I sa two thumbs up.

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