Study Skills

I think that studying is something you have to master and practice at.. because before you know it you’ll be in 7th grade,
So here are some tips for all you struggling people.
1. You have to have all your materials with you at all times the day you are going to study.

2. As soon as you get home never ever make turning on the tv your first priority. When you get home you can eat, but after…..STUDY TIME!

3. Always choose a quite place… like your room for example. When your in close the door and warn everybody there that your studying.

4. Don’t even try to get comfy on the bed studying, watching tv…. it doesn’t work like that. I would suggest you work on the floor or on a desk in your room if you have one but don’t be tempted to use your computer desk I mean seriously you really think that you can sit there stitting right in front of a computer for more than 30 seconds no.

5. When studying make sure you have the main points of the chapter or section, then you can work from that.

6. Let’s say you’ve been working for about 30 minutes, you cantake a break and eat a snack but if you think your strong enought to resist the temptation to turn on the tv, because believe me i’ve been through it i didn’t turn off the tv till an hour later.

7. Once you get back to studying always use your textbook it’s always right and always has the answers there somewhere.

8. Also the most important point of studying if you think that for your test that it’s just to much, you should practically always write the question and the answer under it so on the day of your test you can have something to look back on.

P.S. If you have any questions at all about studying i will be here 24/7 on the wiki.