The Voice on the Radio by Caroline B. Cooney

This book is a third book of The Face on the Milk Carton. I chose this book because it is a it is book you can’t put down. This kind of book is a fantasy.

The them of this book is when Jaine kidnapping it broadcast all around New Jersey and she dosen’t even know it. The author describes it to like real life. It takes place in Connecticut and New Jersey. This book is about Janie and about her secret, her two families about the kidnapping, also about how Reeve miss up her life again. The main characters are Jaine, Reeve, Jodie, Brian. Jodie is the sister, and Brain is the brother. They help cheer up Janie durning the problem. This book is a great book to read beause this is possible story. How you can get kidnap and they raise you but you never knew. This book is a happy book but that it goes into a sad part. The best part is when she finally forgives Reeve.

This a great book and i hope you like it to.

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