Tears of joy
Tears of sadness
They all mean something the same
But they all feel different
You have a strong feeling and have to promote some sign that you are feeling that
You feel something strong and want to let it out


Hopes for Summer (A Sequel to Hopes for Spring)

ice-cream-cone.jpgice creamice creamHopes for Summer

Feeling the cool breezes of Spring,

The blossoming trees, the metamorphosis of butterflies, and the smell of a barbecue in the distant air,

But soon, a great event will happen, something that will bring

Everyone together, and make them sing;

Summer is near!

Soon to be here!

All the swimming, vacations, and no school,

Everyone has nothing to do but fool


The sweet music of the ice cream truck,

strolling along down the road;

Kids chasing after it, always the same tune,

But they seem never to get tired of it;

You can go to the park

But be careful that you don’t make the dogs bark

The fun

In the sun

Will never end,

Children doing cartwheels and back bends,

Now I would like to say thank you to Spring

For coming;

For Summer is my best friend


The Open Door

The open door,

It’s coming for you.

And you have to care about, all that you do.

And what you see, is an opportunity.

It only happens once,

So take it as fast as you can.

That opportunity to you and me,

is just a joke to us you see.

But to some people that opportunity,

is an escape to liberty.

So don’t take for granted,

what you have.

Because if you do,

it’ll be up for grabs.


Walk into school
Nobody there
Walk into school
No friends, no laughing no nobody… But wait…there goes the janitor
Oh wait what’s today
What was i thinking….. what a dare!