Eggs by Jerry Spinelli

Hey, i just want to give you a peek into this really interesting book. Well, i don’t want to give too much info but I’ll just stick to the main points.
First, i want to name to you the characters and a little bit about them. There is David, who is 8 years old turning 9, whose mother died, just because someone broke the rule of not putting up the CAUTION WET FLOOR. David now believes that if he obeys every rule and doesn’t break any rules that his mother would come back. Also there is David’s grandmother who’s name is Margret Limpert but he just calls her grandma. She thinks that she needs to help David make friends because he is depressed about his mother’s death. en there is a 13 year old girl who was sleeping in the library where David’s grandma reads to other children. She believes that she went there because she could never fall asleep when her mother would read to her. Last but not least but there is also a man named John Daywalt, but they call him refrigerator John because he fixes, sells, and trades.
Well, the plot is as goes, David now lives…. oh i almost forgot the most important part the dad who only comes on the weekends. David becomes friends with Primerose ans sneaks out with her and is in a love hate relationship, What do you think that means.

Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli

I chose this book because it is full of excitement, twists, and adventure. I’d say this book is fantasy.

I think that the theme of this story is to like people for who they are, because when they’re gone, you won’t get them back. This story, as far as i know, is in a made up place. In this book about 5 years pass. This story is mostly about a strange girl named ‘Star Girl’ who comes into a school and completely changes the whole school body by her actions! She has a pet rat named ‘Cinnamon’ and she plays the ukulele. She dresses in clothes that are way outdated. But one day she changes, and she transforms into a normal teenage girl other than that weird girl who sang happy birthday to you on your birthday. Soon, she was made a cheerleader and she would cheer for the other team when they scored!!!! Well, in the championship game, the other team’s best player got hurt so she went to go take care of him. Her school lost the game. This totally changes the plot of the story! No one talks to her, she is invisible, everyone thinks that losing the game is her fault, but it really isn’t. Their is this one boy who falls in love with her. in the beginning, he was embarrassed of liking her. But when she transformed to ‘normal’ he liked her. But, at the end, she goes back to the weird girl and he learns to love her for the person she really is. ‘Star Girl’, not Susan.

*I like this story because it keeps you guessing, you never know what is going to come next.

*The best part of the book is when Star Girl transforms from the ‘popular girl’ back to the ‘weird girl’, and then she never is seen again.

So I hope that you consider reading Star Girl!!!

* If you already have read Star Girl I recommend some other books by Jerry Spinelli: Maniac Magee, Eggs , Crash, Loser, and Love Star Girl.

Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson, M.D.

I recently finished Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson, M.D. In a nutshell, the relaxation response is the psychological and physiologic inverse of the fight-or-flight response, an instinctual reaction to a stressful situation. Whereas the fight-or-flight response increases one’s blood pressure, heart rate, rate of breathing, blood flow to the muscles, and metabolism, the relaxation response decreases heart rate, lowers metabolism, decreases the rate of breathing, and “bring[s] the body back into what is probably a healthier balance” (Benson 18).

In my experience, the relaxation response has proven an effective antidote for headaches, muscle aches, and just general tension (both psychological and physiologic), all without the need for man-made chemicals or an expensive massage therapist.

I highly recommend both the reading of and the practice of The Relaxation Response.