Charlie Bone and the Hidden King by Jenny Nimmo was a G-R-R-R-R-EAT book! I chose this book because the was bib and looked great to read. This book is mostly mysterious, it has very little humor, it has a few animals with powers and a lot more animals with no powers (very many). The Theme to the story is there was a boy named Charlie Bone and he is going through two very difficult problems. The first problem Charlie Bone experiences is that all the animals are gone but are then found, the second most difficult problem he faces is: he notices his mother (Amy Bone) has forgotten about her husband and now he needs to make the king’s tears go clear, make his mother stop forgetting about her real husband and get some of the king’s tears and give it to his father. The setting takes place in a town (I don’t know the name of it) and it takes place in an unknown year. The story’s time passes a at least a year. The plot of the story is: the main thing that happened is that Charlie’s mother had begun to forget her husband and makes life more difficult for the city. It all leads up to a happy moment, when Charlie’s mother finally sees his parents together again. The characters of the story are: the main character is Charlie Bone. Some of the other characters are: Billy Raven Charlie’s friend; Amy, Lyell, and Grandma Bone Charlie’s family; and Manfred Bloor Charlie’s least favoriteperson he has met. This was great and I liked it because it is such an adventurous story. I liked it when Charlie takes his mother to see his father and makes him remember his wife because it was such a happy ending. It made me feel very happy, I felt different at some points in the story. I would recommend it to friends. I would read other books by this author (by the way I am reading book 6). I learned that you should always solve the problems you get before gets worse. I think this book should be VERY famous. It is an adventurous book with very little humor.        

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