Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting is a good book. I choose this book because i read the back and I thought it would be interesting. This book is more of an adventurer and about family.

Tuck Everlasting is about a girl named Winnie and she lives in a small cottage in Treegap and her father also a forest that is right by their home. She has never been in that forest until today… She left home and went into the forest without none of her parents knowing. So she walks into the forest and finds a boy and his name is Jesse. They talk and then Jesse drinks from this spring that is coming from the ground. She said that she was thirsty to so she asked if she could have some. But he said no and told her to come with him. So she does and they met up back with Jesse’s mom and brothers and his sister. She goes with them and when they’re on their way there a man in a yellow suit see them but doesn’t come out from hiding. When they get to the house Jesse and them had some food to eat so they ate it and then they told her that the spring is some water that will make you live forever. Thats if you drink some. So she really is confused. So they tell her that just to spend the night since its dark outside. So she does. The next day comes and they are eating breakfast when Jesse’s brother Tuck swings the door open and says ” Someone stole our horse.” While they are trying to figure out who stole it. The man in the yellow suit is at Winnie’s cottage telling her father,mother and grandmother she has been kidnapped. Then the man in the yellow and Winnie’s father have a bet. The bet is that the man in the yellow suit can have the forest and the man in the yellow suit would tell where Winnie is. So they made the deal. So the the man in the yellow suit goes to get Winnie. When he gets there he told Jesse and his family that he is taking Winnie. So he takes Winnie and apparently Winnie does not want to leave. So while she is screaming Mae takes Jesse’s shotgun and told the man in the yellow suit don’t move or take her anywhere or I’ll shot. So he stops for a minute and then keeps walking out the door like she isn’t going to do anything. But she shoots and he drops on the floor. The police come and take Mae and Winnie. [Mae for jail and Winnie for home.] The man in the yellow suit dies so she is for sure going to jail. But when Winnie is outside and Jesse comes to see her he tells her a plan and gives her a bottle of the spring and says when she turns 17 come and find me and we can run off together and get married. So she smiles. And then at midnight as Jesse said to go to the jail cell and she will switch places with Mae. And then Winnie gets out of jail [ Mae out of jail. And she is outside again laying on the grass looking at the clouds when she sees a toad that she has been seeing for the ast week and runs inside to get the spring water and pours it on the frog and the frog will live forever.

If you are wondering did I like this story?

I did I thought it was very unique. Very interesting. The best part of the book is when Winnie pours the spring on the frog. I felt sad at first that she had gotten kidnapped but then i was happy that she felt happy and safe. But then I felt bad because Winnie switched places with Mae and was in jail for a long time. Yes, I would recommend i to my friends because it was a good book. Yes, I would. I’ve learned that you may fell safe with people but not all the time other people understand. Thats why I like and recommend this book.

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