Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

This is my book review just to show you how good a book this is so here we go. First of all i chose this book because it just looked interesting and in the back also was really interesting. I think this story only suits those who are interested in family or real life situation books. The theme is simple it is about a rich girl named Esperanza. Her father and mother have a ranch that grows grapes for the wine company, called “El Rancho de Las Rosas”. She was planning her 15th birthday in which in they’re tradition is called her “Quincenera” which is in spanish for her 15th birthday. BUt one day her father went out with the others to go hunt and he never came back but his other friends did and said he did not make it back. The next day her whole house was set on fire by her tio luis and her tio Marco who was very jealous of esperanza’s family.
Her tio’s were pressuring esperanza’s mother to marry him for they had nothing but themselves. Their grandmother had to be sent away with her sisters for she was sick and would find them when she was better. Esperanza and her mother then had to move and live under poverty for they did not want to be with her tio luis.
So, she had to leave with her servants to live somewhere far where no one knows them.
I just loved to read this book because of the suspense and all of the evnts that go on.The best part was knowing that esperanza still had her birthday with al her loved ones.

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